How can I let her know that I'm interested?

So, I have an awkward situation on my hands. I recently graduated university, and for the past two semesters I would randomly see a particular girl whom I considered very cute hanging around the library. I wanted to show my interest in her, but she was either always busy, or I felt like crap that day and didn't want to bother her while I was ill. I never quite had the opportunity to "make my move", and last week was the final time that I would ever see her... or, so I thought.

Lo and behold, both she and I have membership in the same online dating service (!). Her profile is up but not longer active. As far as I know, she is currently single. A friend gave me her name, and I found her on Facebook, but I don't know how to go about contacting her. :-/ Based on her body language, I got the impression that she may have at least been receptive, so I'm wondering if I should give it a shot and reach out. How can I do this without seeming like a creeper?

I would appreciate any advice, especially from the ladies.

I forgot to mention: I never actually talked to her in public. That is why it feels so awkward to me to just randomly hit her up on Facebook. :-/


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  • Flirt! Flirt so much with her!


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  • message her on facebook be like "hey did you go to ____ university?"
    "yea? who is this?"
    "im sorry we never met but i stumbled upon your facebook account and i never had the opportunity to say hi to you at school so i thought i would just send out a text"
    I don't know it seems like your best shot


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  • Hey I think you're a total babe wanna go see a movie


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