My boyfriend talks about kids pretty often and we haven't been together long. Is that weird?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. He talks about seeing a future and everything with me. Which I think is great. I'm just not crazy about the whole kids convo. He talks about it often. Don't get me wrong I love kids and one day I want them but it feels weird to bring it up on a regular basis. And a lot of times it will happen after or before we have sex. Then it makes me worry that I'll get pregnant. Is this odd or am I reading into it too much?


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  • It is odd. Not too many guys that young are that interested in starting a family. This may be his way to get you comfortable with condom free sex and letting him finish inside you. Kids and babies is a lot responsibility and scary and expensive. All that is a total buzz kill if you are not at that stage in life. Maybe you just need to sit him down and do a reality check with him and make him clearly understand there will be no kids until much later in life once you are both done school, have careers, become financially stable and have a house!!! Make him see specific milestones in life have to be met first with a solid foundation. Also, tell him he is turning you off with all the baby talk.


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