Should I tell him?

I'm on call with two people right now. It's my crush and my other guy friend. I really like my crush but I'm afraid to tell him since 1. Our friend is here and sleeping. We can't really kick him out. And 2. I really like this guy and I don't know if i should tell him or not. He seems like he still likes his Ex nd his Ex likes him, but I'm afraid of rejection. We're in the same class and sit together for science and all but I get flustered everytime i talk to him and make a fool out of myself. I don't know if i can tell him. Exspecially if it's going to ruin our friendship. Do i tell him and risk our friendship?


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  • Well think of it this way, are you really being his friend when your motivations are more than that? Also, something I've learned through the years, you will regret risks you don't take far more than the ones that you do take and don't work out, because you're not wondering what if? Good luck!

    • The thing is though, when we first met my first intentions were to be friends but i catched feelings somehow. Thanks for the advice, I'll take the risk!

    • Good for you, how it works out!

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