Would it be weird to message a girl on FB to connect over Winter Break?

I liked this girl in my class but I procrastinated and never got her number. She was into me but just as shy as I was. Now I'll most likely never see her again.

I don't like-like many women so it really bugs me when I let them walk out of my life. Am I going to look like a stalker/creeper because I looked her up just to see what she was doing?

Or would some girls appreciate the gesture or is it not a big deal to begin with?

No, we are not FB friends.
Would it be weird to send her a friend request then message her later?

Hate the idea of missing out on someone with potential. Out of hundreds of girls on campus when she came around I had eyes only for her. Reason I procrastinated.

I always overthink why someone gives me butterflies and end up regretting it promising not to do it when the next one comes around.


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  • Not strange. We only regret the chances we let slip through our fingers. Plus, you never know! Start with a friend request.

  • I'm noy saying your can not do it but I honestly do not think you should

    • Is sending her a friend request a bad idea?

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    • I'm asking how would you feel if a boy you were interested in didn't get your number during the semester but then hits you up online?

    • If I'm attracted to him then I would be flattered

  • Yes it would be!

    • What about just a friend request?

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    • I'm asking why do you think that. An answer would make me happy :P. Digging a female's brain is exactly what I'm here for.

    • Because I do! I can't explain it! haha

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