I don't understand, why do guys come up to me at bars but not at school?

Ok, for starters I'm not ugly but I'm not here to toot my own horn. Whenever I go out to clubs or bars I also manage to get male attention and not by unattractive (by my terms) guys they're actually all pretty attractive. Now I don't dress sexy or anything I actually dress pretty conservative in the bar and school setting but I just don't understand why no one at school has like asked me out. Specifically my crushes, I'm very attracted to intelligence and the guy I have crushes on don't even give me the time of day!! I just don't understand! Am I radiating an unknown chemical that deters guys from me? Guys stare at me but nothing, nada no one asks me out on date! And no I do not have reputation of any sorts at school so yeah I'm pretty puzzled with this.


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  • it's easier to approach in a club or bar because they are more social environments where it's considered more acceptable to talk to a complete stranger. in school, you need more of an excuse - e. g. you go to the same class, you're on the same homework assignment, you're doing the same hobbies, etc.

    basically this...

    'guys stare at me but nothing'

    ... tells you all you need to know: that guys do find you attractive and want to approach but feel unconfident without the liquid courage you can get in a bar.

    • You give pretty good advice at times when you're not being condescending to women.

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    • I agree that people should just be straight up. It's difficult for anyone to get shit done with everyone being too scared to tell it like it is.

    • Well, on this we can agree.

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  • Because us guys are too afraid to creep you out unintentionally.


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  • They are too young!


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