Should I send this girl I like a FB friend request?

I blew asking this girl in my class out even when she gave me a clear opening beore Thanksgiving. Didn't get a chance to talk since that day.

Cut my losses or try to keep in contact in case she really is someone special?


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  • ... I think if there was a clear chance to ask her out, you can safely contact her via FB. If you've chatted with her before, you could do the whole friend-request thing, but if you've not chatted much with her in person, you might just start talking to her first via FB. But lots of people just go ahead and friend others, so it's not too weird.

    • Well it's the fact I would have to look her up to friend her. No mutual friends.

    • Oooo, that could make fb awkward >< You really don't want to come across as stalker-y right? I suppose it depends on how much you've talked in person.

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