What to do now? Stuck between brothers

(names are changed) I like this guy kyle and I have known him for about 8 years and have always had a crush on him since I've met him. The problem is that his brother mike is my bestfriend. E mike and I have always had a close relationship, we flirt we joke but nothing physical. Mike knows I like kyle and kyle knows also. I kissed kyle one night and it was great. But mike saw us kissing and was yelling saying what are you guys doing. Why is that? Also ever since that night I haven't talked to kyle. I tried bringing it up to mike but he said I don't want to know what you and my bro do or did. So I don't want to say anything to him or get advise from him? What should I do?


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  • Well, you can't chose who you like and who you don't like, right. Mike is going to have to understand that. But mike likes you, a lot, I'm guessing and he saw himself dating you in the future probably and when he saw you kissing his brother, he got jealous or mad or something.

    Did kyle ever realize you weren't interested in him? Or did he just know that you liked his brother?

    • Kyle knows I like him we actually were fakely engaged and had a fake engagement party at a club on nyes but that's when we were just friends and because of that I started liking him and we sneaked around a lot because we do have the same friends. Mike once asked me what do I see in his bro that I don't see in him (mike has a hot body all nice and built. Kyle is on the chunky side but he is a sweet heart and I'm more attracted to him) I said were just friends and I can tell you things that I can't tell kyle

    • Oops, sorry, I got the names mixed up in the end, I meant: did Mike (lol, not Kyle) ever realize you weren't interested in him? Did the conversation of you telling Mike that "Kyle is more of a sweetheart" end after that?

      And It sounds like Mike doesn't want to know about anything because it may hurt his feelings because he likes you.

      Also, if Mike and Kyle are really close as brothers, it may seem like Kyle didn't take Mike's feelings into consideration. That's if they talk about the girl that

    • They like. Like if Mike and Kyle talk about and share things they don't tell other people because they're brothers, then Mike may think his brother knew he(mike) liked you, and Kyle didn't tell Mike that he(kyle) liked you as well. Now there's friction because Mike, in his eyes, had a different perspective of how things were going to turn out.

      Question: Has Mike had a lot of girlfriends since you've known him?

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