Is my gf's anger justified?

I dated a girl in college and we were very close to each other (and had the same degrees and friends). We broke up on graduation to pursue our dreams. 1 year later, I started to date my current girlfriend and after a year of dating, my ex moved to my city. We started to go to dinner together and I went to her house to play video games. We hang out twice a week and usually grab drinks together. my girlfriend is acting angry at me and slapped me after watching us hug in front of her. She told me to stop hanging out with her, but I just laughed and do it anyway. She has NO RIGHT to break a friendship. NO AFFAIR IS HAPPENING


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  • Couple of things. Your girlfriend shouldn't be slapping you. Second, put yourself in her shoes for just a teensy second... now she's the one seeing an ex of hers after a long time and going over to his house and hanging out with him and hugging him, do you still feel so chill. You're right in that you should be able to hang out with whomever you want... until that is, it comes down to exes or anyone you had sex with no matter how many years have passed. We all know shiz happens, and no that doesn't mean you're cheating on her, but shiz happens because emotions/chemistry whatever still linger in the air sometimes in past relationships which often makes new relationships seriously nervous even if you are a good guy or she is a good girl not doing anything but actually hanging out. Aside from the slapping, just give respect to new gf's feelings on this. She's going to have to trust you, but just know that its always a bit different when it comes to exes and relationships, friendships or not.

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  • You have two options here date the ex girlfriend or stop being friends with the ex no girl is going to be okay with you hanging out with your ex maybe and I stress MAYBE if she was hanging out with y'all but even still she might harbor some jealous feelings


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