What should I do to overcome the fear of rejections?

I am so scared to show my feelings towards the person I like. I'm afraid to be rejected. I think if I told a guy I like him and he rejected me, I would feel so bad. I'm also scared of giving a guy hints because if he doesn't like me, I will feel embarrased. Any means to overcome the fear of rejections?


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  • What I think is, my chances with any girl is 50:50. Then I look around.. I see 300 new women everyday, soo what if one rejected me, among those at least 150 would be accepting.
    The world is full of beautiful , hot , good girls..
    Same, with boys, the world is full of Handsome, hot, nice guys.. If one rejects, move on, NEXT !

  • Be super glad you're not a guy and put in a position where you have to take that risk more frequently?
    Honestly if you compare rejections from men to women men are angels!

    That said, if you want it, go for it. That's how all the guys get past it. You're scared the first few times and then you just learn to shrug it off. It isn't as big a deal as you make it out to be.

    • I was raised in a society that woman should not do these things. :( that's why it's hard for me

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    • You shrug your shoulders and move on. Simple. Its really just about eh, womaning up. Good luck!

    • 😂😂😂😂 okay, will try haha

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  • I don't think anyone can successfully overcome rejection. I can proudly say I haven't. I mean everyone is scared of rejection but the only way to know if something positive could happen by is taking a leap!! What's the worst that could happen? He says no? Well his loss! Move on to the next, you're still young and have a long time ahead of you!


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