Could I have been any more awkward?

I was at a friend's party this weekend, and I had a little bit to drink. One of my guy friends was leaving, so I walked out with him to talk for a minute and say goodbye. I have never had my first kiss, and he knows this and has offered to kiss me if I am ok with it being with a friend. When I walked out with him, he gave me a hug goodbye, and while we were hugging, I straight up asked him if he wanted to kiss me. He said he did, but that he didn't think I really wanted to, because he has noticed how I don't always act like the "real me" because I want to fit in and do the things that are considered cool, and he thought that I want my first kiss to be special, I am just getting tired of waiting. So he made me think about it, and we ultimately did not kiss.

Was I just horribly awkward?


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  • You were drunk, it doesn't matter. :') I did the same thing with a girl on Halloween. We went out drinking I had a few and got a little drunk. I said to her while drunk "I've never kissed before".. Then she just looked me in the eyes and I went in for the kiss. It then lead to tongues, hickies, ass grabbing, she grabbed my dick. It got out of hand lmao.

    We aren't even attracted to each other!

    We talk like it never happened, the same will happen to you. I don't count it as my first anyways. Neither should you. Drunk ones aren't legit.


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  • Don't worry thy will forget!


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