Would you get jealous if your girlfirend thought about haviing sex with other Guys?

My boyfirend Never gets jealous even if i talk to a Guy or if a guyy hits on me, he Never cares... this Hurts me a lot cause im crazy for him a lot but he Never shows he cares... im pretty sure Guys have some sort of jealousy but he Just doesn't care... and This whole thing makes me feel so unacttractive.


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  • - It could be that you aren't reading him right.
    - It could be that he is giving you space (because he perceives that you dont want a man cramping your style - yes women have told me that)
    - It could be that he is down for an open relationship. (dirty style!)

    BUT it can't be that he doesn't want to be with you - otherwise he wouldn't stick around.

    If you are feeling unwanted and unappreciated - You need to communicate your feelings and concerns - directly and unemotionally to him. Don't jump to conclusions.

    • I told him how i feel for him and yet he says it doesn't concern him what i think..

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    • Rubi is right - American society - other people have filled men's heads up with unrealistic standards.

      Play it cool bro, act like you dont care, if you are soft she will own you. etc.

      meanwhile with women there are some that want to be able to date others guys and will absolutely get pissed if their man says anything to them (because they are free - and not someone property)

      i know that its hard because communications is hard and immaturity. The one woman that i ever cared for didn't know what she wanted and ended up "inventing her own reality" and did some awful things to get back at me because she couldnt make up her mind whether i should be a possessive guy or someone that allowed her to date other guys.

    • EXACTLY. Okay let me just get something straight.

      I mean, what if he told you that he wanted to have sex with your friends? You would probably feel offended, mad, like he doesn't care. To get respect, you need to give it.


      Maybe he's still hurt/offended by that but doesn't want to show it. Maybe he gets mad and seems like he doesn't care, know what i mean. Instead of showing his anger, he's giving you some kind of "silent treatment". he's mad, but he doesn't want you to know he doesn't want to express it. Guys are taught to be tough and shit, you know the opposite of "vulnerable". maybe he doesn't want to seem like that ; not talking much, acting like he doesn't care.

      But you need to talk to him honey. You know him he knows you. you're not gona solve these problems on the internet. Talk to him nena.

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  • See What i think is going on is that, he doesn't want to loose you see, and your probably thinking "Oh scorpionking thats ridiculous" but here me out, i think that he understands that having a guy friend is perfectly normal, he doesn't want to start a fight with you just because you talked with his best friend for 5 minutes, so my conclusion is, he doesn't care in the sense of you having guy friends, but he does care about you as a person. if that makes sense.

  • Absolutely I wouldn't just be jealous I would be so pissed

  • The girl I love was always flirting with other guys and thought about having sex with other guys. I did get jealous, but I tried my best to hide my jealousy, but in the end I really couldn't hide it anymore because I thought she really liked other guys over me. She ended up leaving me because I didn't give her space... I really love her. I'm creating a strategy to meet her in person. The reason I didn't want to show that I'm jealous was because I didn't want to feel insecure. I think it's natural for girls to like more than one guy. I was hoping in the end my love for her would overpower her desire for other guys, but I guess it wasn't enough... Now that she left me, I kind of feel that I must have been inadequate for her. But I didn't really show her my true potential yet... I was saving my true potential for the moment I finally met her in person. Oh well. I'll see where my path takes me. I know I'll meet her someday, but I hope it's soon.

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    • lol - up until you brought up the lordzero bit - i have heard that before.
      She was trampling you and expected to get her way, so she isn't ready for a commitment.
      But dont confuse the other guy thing with trampling you - those are two different issues.

      If its just fooling around - Cool - Enjoy the sex in the meantime - in those situations. Be the dirtiest guy you can be - give her the mindfuck she deserves.

      tell lordzero to hit Bangkok - his world will never be the same - hahaha

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