Have you ever had an online relationship?

Gimme some details please...

How did it make you feel? Was it successful? Would you do it again? Etc...


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  • First thing I wasn't into that online thing but I HAD A really BAD 1 & I never thought that I'll like him.

    at first I really really hated him and then we fought online & he apologised then I accepted his apologise then we started talking for moments then minutes finally for 5 or 6 hours,i loved him really and if he were the ugliest guy in this world I wouldn't change my mind about him,i can't explain how much we were into each other even I no it was just an online but we knew each other more then anyone in real life he opened up to me about this relationship but I couldn't say anything because I knew that we will never be together so I just stopped going online for months then I got back and he was really MAD at me for that so I just shut up,then he decided to give up after 3years he hurt me badly after he promised me that he will always make me happy though but I no it was a good decision from him though I mean Over online it makes you soo confused and it doesn't make sense.go for it if he is close to you.

    • That sounds like such an intense experience. wow!

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    • Thanks answerer... I was interested in your experience really and I want to know what people have been thorugh. I'm not involved with anyone online- I have a lovely boyfriend, but I'm just discovering this online world (a bit late) and I want to know how people get along in it. thanks for your answer- I think you're absolutely right about the word of caution. It can mean so much trouble and be dangerous. All the best.


      i know what you mean because before I liked that guy I was thinking like ( why would people like someone from just a text.

      hope for you & your boyfriend a happy End ^^

  • um ya I have had one online and ya we are still dating and ya we are completely in love.

    I don't know whether to call it online or more like phone.

    We met on a chat site and we ended up talkin on the phone and then meeting in person few months later and we started dating, We are in love and ya I would totally recommend it

    I think you get to know a guy better. Yes you have to becareful but at the same time

    you talk a lot and ya get to know a person so much more and ya there are some really nice

    ppl online. But if one is shallow it could not be for them. Ya not everyone on dating sites are bad looking and I got lucky some how finding a my dream guy but ya I am really shallow and like my guys to be a certain build and height and ya I guess I got lucky and found my soul mate there

    So yes I do recommend it