Is it high time to text her? or is it her last test before she will text e?

So we used to chat on hangout and she doesn't chat with anyone on hangouts i know this for sure...
I said her baby and she said... dont call me baby, im in a relationship, pls respect that...
I said : ignore the baby word. but i can't control.. i like u a lot.
She : ok we have to stop talking
me : ok
she : ok bye have fun
me : ok
Since 10 days she hasn't texted me... but for last 7 days she checks out google hangout chat like every 2 hours... coz i always see her "last seen"...
since last 3 days... her "last seen" is 3 days ago... so basically someone would have told her or she would have thought herself to not show last seen and behave as if she doesn't care...
Is it hight time that i should text her? or this is the last test she is playing before she will text me herself?
  • I should text her, it was my fault.
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  • This is her final game before she will text me soon.
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  • She's taken, dude. Respect her wishes and leave her alone.

    • She is lying about her boyfriend... she doesn't have a boyfriend...
      should i text her or wait?

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