Girls, How many of you all have been rejected?

Or am I just unlucky with guys? I am 21 and have still never had a boyfriend... am I that ugly? -_-
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What Girls Said 2

  • Never been rejected. I don't put myself in the position to be rejected very often. I only put myself in that position when I am absolutely sure that rejection will not happen.

    And yes, that hideous pink hair and skin with the white question mark is hideous.

    • El oh el. I think my severe rosea is sexy.

  • Ice been rejected by every guy I've had a crush on so I'm on the same boat girl

    • But... You are so cute and you rock that septum piercing!

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    • Because of my septum haha Noone cares that it's small everyone cares that I look like a bull
      Like damn I'm not offended
      Bulls are majestic af haha

    • Hahaha!

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