How can I move on from a relationship that didn't even start?

Hello, there's a girl in my class that I've been attracted to. Thus, I've asked her out and unfortunately she has a boyfriend. When I look at her boyfriend, I often ask myself what did she found in this guy.. it's either I'm being jealous or he is real worthless lol.

Anyways, I've made an obsession on her and I am unable to move on. We talk to each other in a class that we have in common, and from times to times we exchange messages. Once I've take a day off, she texted me on her own.

It's so bad that I feel so attracted to a taken person, what can I do to move on?

Hoping that you'll kindly provide me some advices.

Thank you.


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  • Stop giving into your desires. Women are not worth it these days. Looking for a relationship, is like looking for the noose

    • Well, it is hard to control my desires. Mainly because it is the first time that I feel this way toward a girl unfortunately. I never felt this way in the past, so I do not know what to do.
      Keep in mind that I'm a late bloomers also which can make it even difficult to move on.
      Thank you for your reply though.

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    • No problem! Good luck!

      Billions upon trillions of other men have had bad experiences since the beginning of time. It's just normal. You will too. The nature of women is why they were never set free. This nature has accurately been pointed out by most civilizations, philosophers, religions, cultures etc. since recorded history. No matter which corner of the world men came from, and no matter which century of which millennium... the same thing has been said.

    • Oh well I've learned some quite helpful stuffs today, thank you ! :)

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