Why is my sister so crazy? what does she have?

She always been very tough to handle, she gets angry over the minor stuff, because of her my mother (who is not well herself) awas very strict on her, she used to stress about her too much and used to take her anger out on us (hit us etc). My mother is not the nicest either but by not far like my sister, my sister is 29 and still lives at home, she doesn't socialize (always used to argue with everyone, very controlling, and emotionally unstabel) very angry, anti social, argumentive, extremely sensistive, competitive, screaming cursing yelling, demanding, bossy, she used to bully us and oustide of the house she would act like she is normal. I go to school student and im 23, i need to move out asap, at first i could tolerate it but the stresses of living with someone who is depressing and unpredictable make sme wonder when she really is going to lose her mind, i might hurt her out of protrecting myself and could end up in jail. This girl has NOT lived life, my mom enables her and thinks she is normal, she just wants her welfare check , my older sister is very behind mentally, she is naive and thinks ''god is going to take her to america and her life will begin there, she use the bible as her bait'''what kind of disorder does she have? she literally locked herself up in her room with her laptop for 8 years, no job nothing.


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  • she has depression :(


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