I don't want a relationship even though I like the person?

Is this normal? I invest time in the man I'm dating but when it comes to that point where he wants more like a relationship I only see two ways which is leaving him or keep dating hoping that eventually I'll want a relationship. I want him but I don't want a relationship.. I don't know why. I really enjoy dating the same person but the thought of an actual relationship scares me and bores me. If someone asked me what I was looking for I'd just say I don't know. Deep down I want one but it comes with so much work and having to keep up with them a lot. Recently I left a guy who wanted to commit although I was crazy about him and now he found someone else who would. Now I have to watch them and I hate myself for letting him go but I don't want a relationship, I wish I wanted one but I don't. I'm gonna miss out on a lot of guys and end up alone forever.


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  • Then be alone. Nothing wrong with that at all


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