Am I unattractive? How come I have had si much bad luck when it comes to dating?

I was in two relationships before but they were short term.

I took a break from dating and to be honest I haven't been in a relationship ever since I was 19 and I'm fine with that. I have been single for over 3 years so I'm not the type of girl who jumps into relationships

I have been working on myself, and I love myself but even though I approach guys sometimes the men turn out to be self centered assholes.

And I have been rejected before so rejection is nothing new to me but I get a vibe from some guys that they are only talking to me because they want something better to come along so I just cut them off


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  • You are not alone!

    • Girl whatever I saw your profile picture on here you are attractive lol

    • Er... i am pretty thick!

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  • Don't worry… This happens a lot. and as @apple24 says, you're not alone ;-)


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