If a guy likes a girl, but he thinks she is out of his league, would he start to ignore her?

It is a weird question I know - but I am trying to sort out what is going on. I have been friends with this guy for over 5 years and recently he told me he was interested in me. I am too - so I told him as well. Since we had this conversation he has kissed me many times and always wants to hold me and be close to me when we hang out. He was always telling me how pretty he thinks i am and how he loves spending time with me and is comfortable with me but wants to take things slow. He said since we have been friends for so long he doesn't want to ruin that by rushing things and I also recently came out of a relationship so he wants to make sure my feelings are genuine. He said how he things I am a gorgeous person inside and out and that is something that will make some guy happy forever - and maybe it could be him.

His best friend told me he likes me. Others have told me he likes me. I want to believe that he does (especially because of how he has acted towards me) but he rarely gets back to me when I text and this past weekend when we hung out - he seemed a little stand offish and made comments to me about how I have my life together and that is something that is way beyond him (even though he does too).

I don't know why he all of a sudden is ghosting me via text - especially since we have an established friendship. The only thing I can think is that he thinks I am out of his league becuase of those comments but even that I don't see as true. I don't know - what do you think? Is he being genuine? And why would he stop communicating?
The lack of communication is very recent - not that he was super forward EVER in text but he would at least always respond. I was thinking of sending him an e-mail or letter just because i am better in writing regarding how I feel - nothing dramatic - just black and white how I am feeling.

I think myself, him and a few other people may get together tonight but I dont want to push him to talk tonight if it isn't the right time, you know? Thoughts?


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  • I can understand how he feels - he's out of his depth and afraid of losing you, both as a girlfriend and as a friend. Try to reassure him about your feelings. Beware of compliments that might be taken as sarcasm.

    Try to imagine your best friend introduces you to her cousin who's visiting - and it's George Clooney, or whoever. How do you think you'd feel - tongue-tied? Terrified of saying the wrong thing and looking like an idiot to him, and to your friend as well, wrecking that friendship?

    Is the text thing sudden? Some people just don't feel comfortable talking like that in text messages, particularly under pressure like that - have you tried phoning instead, and seeing how he is on the phone? (If he was better when you were just friends, that would be why: not being "just friends" changes it all there.)


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  • He does like you, no question about that. But him believing that you're out of his league, may cause issues for both you. Better speak to him about this and get it sorted out.

    If I personally felt a girl was out of my league, I wouldn't even initiate anything with her in the first place.

  • ask him to meet you and talk it out... maybe prove your not out of his league but just perfectly in his league. Doubting in guys and gals is common when things start to get intimate and close.

  • Relax, if he is really into you, you will know. If he asked not to rush things, dont put preassure on him or it would turn against you. Give him space. It's hard to turn a friendship into a relationship. You should also take your time. Good Luck!


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