Girls, please help I've always been self conscious about my body hair so is a hairy guy a big turn off or even a deal breaker?

To be more specific I have a hairy chest, arms, stomach and insanely hairly legs and ass. So would this be a deal breaker. I've always been very self conscious about this and would never be able to ask someone in person. Also if there's a certain part of a males body being hairy that's a turn off please please comment which one, and feel free to go anonymous
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  • I answered "Only one or a few of those aspects being hairy is a turn off (which one?)"

    I used to be more into hairless men. Now, I don't care that much.
    My boyfriend is really hairy. He has hairy legs, stomach, chest and arms and I happen to like it. His chest is really soft and I don't mind at all.
    Some spot are a turn off. He doesn't have hair on his shoulder or back but we both agree that if it happened one day, he would wax it (her would also hate it. He has no hair on his butt cheek and I'm glad because I wouldn't like it.
    I just ask him to trim down there for obvious reasons but that's basically it.

    • So would a guy having a hairy ass be a big turn off? I though about asking a separate question about whether I should trim down there. Also just as an aside if you wouldn't mind advising me, what topic should I put that question in for most responses?

    • I have no idea how you could ask that. We all think differently but as I see it? yes it would be a turn off. To be fait, he does have hair "in between" but I don't really see it do I don't care.
      As for trimming down there, I think it's a must. I don't know a single woman who would do oral sex with an untrimmed man.

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