Why is the person who initiates a breakup still mess their ex?

I'm not talking about cases of cheating or abuse. I'm talking about as a result of a disagreement where he says he just isn't that excited about the relationship.

If he wasn't excited about our relationship why does he still miss me and refuse to date anyone else?
Miss not mess.


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  • Maybe. But they broke up for a reason

    • Right but when I breakup with someone I don't miss them. It isn't a knee jerk reaction it is a combination of things and I break up when I'm sure it won't work and they won't treat me well. So once I breakup I don't look back.

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    • Nope that door is closed. I don't miss him or ever want to see him again. He broke up with me because of a discussion we had basically letting him know that I am crazy for him but my sexual and intimate needs weren't being met in the past month or so. He took great offense to this but admitted he hadn't been trying to get me off. This was followed by a text a few days later listing 24 things that are wrong with me.

      The breakup wasn't hard but that list was. And now suddenly he has a warm place in his heart for me again and I'm like wtf? I could never let you lay a finger on me or even be in the same room after the things you said.

      At the time he said this is 100% how I've been feeling for our whole relationship. I'm like then you should have fucked off a long time ago. And even more so why is he now coming back. It isn't for sex. I'm also not allowing it.

    • There you go then

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