I asked her out for a date, she said that she has a boyfriend, but says we can go for a few drinks as friends. Why would she say lets be friends?

why would i want to touture myself knowing that i can never have her why would i want to do that, and th boyfriend would not be ok with it knowing i have asked her out and go as friends. not like there's some magical switch where i can turn of feelings for her and we are just friends now.


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  • Lol welcome to the friends zone, many guys can relate here. I read further down you said no, which is good but never tell a girl you don't believe her. What does it matter anyhow, she doesn't want to date?
    Next time use the line "Okay, when it doesn't work out with him let me know" or "he can keep you busy when you're not with me." Avoid calling women out on their lies here because it won't change the situation, you're zoned to friends.
    I applaud you on not falling for the friend trap, most likely you would have to initiate "friend dates", pay, and be her emotional tampon. Move to the next


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  • thats how you turn a rejection into something a little nicer. its easier to follow up a NO with something nice.

    • she use to be so friendly to me waves high to me whenever she sees me, you to see her checking me out

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    • you shoud probably just avoid the situation all together.

  • It's polite.


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  • Well... if she indeed has a boyfriend, then you'd better not go with her. Looks like she just wants to rip you off for her drinks.

    Even if she has lied about having a boyfriend, still it's not advisable to go with her, because she is clearly not interested in you, and is using the commonly known 'I have a boyfriend' excuse.

    • she has been very friendly and flirty with me, tells me about an ex by her own free will so I thought she was indicating that she was single. Always waves high to me. I asked her before asking her out how she spends her weekends and how she is spending Christmas no mention of boyfriend.

    • So it's pretty obvious that she just wants your company but does not want to get romantically involved. Either way, you don't really have to go out with her. Bot worth it.

  • Maybe because she wants to be friends


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