I told my crush I liked him?

the other day i told my crush i had liked him... we had been friends for a while, and i felt like it was time, lots of people had said he liked me, and there had been rumors that we were dating.. so i told him, he said he was pretty sure he felt the same way (whatever that means?) and then we decided that if we did, and it dident work out, we would be friends and we would hate eachother. The other day i saw him in class, and for me personally it was really weird,(not sure how he felt). Also we aren't offically dating because neaither of us has asked the other out.. im starting to think he doesn't really like me and that he felt oblagaited to say he did.. This whole situation is so confusing im not sure what to do, so i guess my questions are: what did he mean when he said he was pretty sure he felt the same way? and does he acutally like me... (lol sorry this is really long)


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  • what im reading here i would assume he is quite insecure about the relationship, he doesn't want it to end up badly, so he is doing nothing and remaining the current relationship. he likes you, no doubt. you should make the first move and tell him no matter what you will never hate him. (of course only if u feel that way)

    • yah i feel like your right, but i am also really nervous when it comes to things like this, like i really like the guy, and since he isent doing anyting i feel like he doesn't like me and he's just saying he "thinks" he does just so i won't feel bad..

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  • I think you need to suggest you meet outside of school. See how he reacts. It's kinda there dangling in space one of you needs to grab the opportunity...


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