Girls, Is she not interested or just a bad texter?

Okay so there is this girl that I've been hanging out and texting for about 2-3 weeks. We hangout on the weekends and have been having an awesome time. We do whatever we are Doing that night then we usually go back to my house (by the way I'm a senior in highschool so I live at home still) and we chill and makeout or maybe a little more depending. So that side is great but she hardly responds to my snapchats ( I know not a big deal but just saying ) and she takes fooooorrrrevvveeerrrr to respond to my texts. She has told me before she is a horrible texter and she isn't really into it but I just can't help feeling like it may be more. Also she has been to my house a few times and met my parents but I still have yet to be to her house and meet her parents. Just would like to know the girls opinions on this, thank you!


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  • She probably just is a bad texter. I wouldn't read into it much. Sometimes I'm decent at texting but most of the time I don't check it, forget to respond or hit send, sometimes I even lose my phone lol.

    I never checked Snapchat either... ended up deleting mine. If she specifically told you, that's probably the case.


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