How do you know if he's the right guy or 'The One"?

I've heard stories of guys telling thier buddies when they saw the girl that they were gonna marry her! or I've had girls tell me they saw thier now husbands or boyfriends and said they were gonna marry them from just looking or meeting eachother. HOW do you know? Im a hopeless romantic and i always think the guy im crushing on is gonna be 'The one' or i picture this 'Fututre" With him... Then sadly i always get crushed and i wake up and the guys an Asshole...

Anyway i currently like a guy i work with and i THINK He likes me too but im not sure and i can't tell the signs on wether he doesn't or does or just be friendly... and i keep telling myself this one's different and im gonna end up with him... but i dont know...

So GUYS and GIRLS how / when did you know the person you just saw/meet/checked out was the person you were meant to be with?


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  • Haha.
    You don't.
    And especially NOT at the stage that you're in. When you haven't even talked to a person or dated them to know your compatibility, why are you putting up a mirage in front of you?
    People who can say that, they're either really lucky, or are really intuitive and perceptive that they knew they'd hit it off with that person with their gut feeling, or they're simplifying and glorifying the actual truth about how they had to make it work.

    If you like a guy, good. But don't be starry-eyed all the time. Talk to him more. Be friends, share more. Share something personal and see how they react. Are they put off by it because they think it's too bothersome or it's a burden, or are they only acting like they are interested, or are they genuinely into you and want to know more about you? They shouldn't be your counsellor though. Counselling types usually won't reveal stuff about themselves. They won't want you to see through them. If someone's willing to open up to you, then you're one step closer, if you're interested in their life. Relationships take work.

    Intuition is NOT assumption. Intuition is not "I think I know". It's "I KNOW" and deep down, you really feel that you know it's true and not just telling yourself to believe it. Some people are a better judge of characters and some not. If you realise you're rushing in and making assumptions with every guy you crush on, just take your time, go a step slower and keep your past in mind. Be more wary, since you've faced guys who've flipped their coins.


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