I need advice on dating a French girl, any guys here who have done so or any French girls here?

I have been out with a French girl three times now and things are off to a good start. I know the dating scene here in the USA in comparison to France is way different so I just want to make sure I understand how French girls operate in terms of dating.

So far she greets me and says goodbye with a hug and she likes to put her hand on my arm when we are talking but things haven't progressed past that. She keeps referring to our time together as dates so I'm not worried about that. Perhaps she just likes a slow pace? Is this common for the French?


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  • Yup. In France people don't jump into relationships as fast as here and courtship is still very important so don't you dare trying to skip that part lol. Other that that the basic rules are pretty much the same and if your not sure what to do think about how you would like to be able to tell your kids how you met their mother and ask yourself if its right.

    Btw, nothing stops you from asking her what's the differences between dating in France and in the US. Its a pretty good way to see where she comes from and lets you see how you are doing, as well ass a good conversation topic.

    Good Luck

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