I know a Muslim guy who has?

He has several tattoos, has had many flings, drinks, smokes and most likely takes drug injections.
Most Muslims accuse him of being a sinner etc.
And he has a Indian girlfriend who is a Hindu I think.
He's half white though, from his mother's side.

What's bad if a person likes to live his way?


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  • he may say he is Musim but he clearly does not actually follow the religion, its super strict on everything, he is basically doing everything it says not to do in the Quran.

    but he can live how he likes i guess.


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  • Im a liberal muslim... He can do what he wants and still identify as muslim if he wants but I wouldn't want a guy like that (many flings, smokes, drugs). Lifestyle way too different from me. But, he should live as he wants and I hope he's nice guy.

    At first I thought you were describing Zayn Malik formerly from One Direction lol


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  • What's your point?

  • Is it bad? No. Is it kinda stupid? By my standards, yea. I find drinking, smoking, and drugs stupid. To me they're just a waste of time and money. I'm pretty sure Muslims aren't supposed to have tattoos. He clearly doesn't understand how to be a Muslim if other muslims are calling him a sinner. He just seems like he makes dumb decisions.


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