Did I screw this up? Please help!

I was talking to this guy for a few months (extremely flirty, sexual, but also just general talking about life and being sweet). Anyway, he asked me to hang out several times, but at that time we worked together and I was a manager and I didn't think it was appropriate. We finally got together and hung out after I quit the job (watched a movie and hooked up. ) it was good, btw. And we talked some after that, but then my phone totally screwed up and it took me a few weeks to get a new one. As soon as I could, I texted him in a group text just letting everybody know my new number and he replied within like 30 seconds! So we talked for that first day that I texted him, and I said something about us getting together again and he said he would let me know. But he never texted or called me again!

Why would he even have bothered to text me back after that group text if he wasn't still interested? Since he said he would "let me know" when he wanted to hang out or whatever, I just waited for him. I didn't call or text him at all. Maybe he thought I wasn't that interested if I didn't try to initiate any more contact? That's just my personality! I'm way laid back and don't want to seem like the typical psycho girl that calls/texts a million times a day. Did I totally screw it up by not being proactive? This all happened a couple of months ago. Would it be weird just to text him and see how he's doing?


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  • You never know until you call Right! You have nothing to lose and you certainly have no chance to gain anything if you don't try calling.

    Simple call and ask him if he wants to get together for lunch or coffee.!

    The worse that can happen is he will say no or blow you off again. At least you will know and you won't keep wondering.

    You know guys are just as insecure and hate being rejected as much as woman do.

    Maybe he got tied up with life. And he felt calling you later because he didn't call you sooner or maybe he met someone and it didn't work out and he is available again.

    Call just 1 x and if he doesn't answer leave a shot message. That isn't being a stalker.

  • Naw I don't think its weird you txt him and ask him hows he's doing. And I think you should've not waited soooo long to txt him bak. But go ahead and text him to see wats he been up to and ask him why he never txted I ba!

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