Have you ever had a deep connection with a person but you two can't be together because of obstacle (s)?

I met this woman online over a year ago a social media/dating site called meetme. We enjoyed talking to each other and we decided to get connected on facebook. We really clicked. We have fun, we laugh, we tease each other,, we make memories together online, who does that? lol. The problem is that she lives across the US. We both got busy with school or work and just sorta stopped talking all together. Two days ago I sent her a message asking how she was and its like we never missed a step. We both agreed we have a deep connection. We have never really talked about a long distance relationship and we both are seeing other people kinda. She is great. Everything a guy wants in a woman really plus more. Has anything similar happened to you? What did you do? Any stories were it worked out?


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  • Yep! Been married two years with my hubby. Meet him on chatroulette šŸ˜‚ Back when there weren't too many wieners on it. He's from the uk and I'm Canada. We didn't confirm we liked each other after a year of talking, I believe we spoke about it like before New Years and eventually met

    • I am happy for you two! I have always thought she liked me a little bit otherwise why would she talk to me all day? Lol

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  • when i was younger i had a love at first site moment, we both clicked and i was 1 year older than her, we would both go out our comfort zone to be interested in what the other was doing and young me didn't understand the feeling. Whenever we seen each other you could not do anything but smile and blush.

    then when we started to mature and i was going to ask her out, i didn't even need to think about it, i was so confident with the decision (not like now). but her father had an affair and took her to live with him, i have never seen her again, but we clicked so well and have imagined how different my life would of been if he didn't cheat.

    • Have you ever looked her up and talked with her? It might be different if she would want to come back if she grew up in the area.

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    • i did have a pic of when i helped her get dressed for Halloween, she had the little dimple smile, but obv like a fuking idiot got angry and frustrated that i couldn't find her and deleted it, and it was a super old phone at the time when flip phones just started coming popular so i couldn't retrieve it, i still remember her tho, no chance i will forget. and hope you get to meet the the girl you are talking to, you guys sound adorable.

    • Thanks i sure hope we do. I sure hope you find her soon!

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  • Happens a lot online lots of girls are great but live too far


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