Girls, How would you define boyfriend material?

This is something that I think about a lot. What girls really want out of a possible boyfriend. Personality traits, and please try to keep it interesting and not just, I want a funny guy, BC that song gets over-played.


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  • I want a guy that will love me for me! And not just trying to have sex. Is it to much to ask for a guy who won't cheat or low to me


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  • When I met my boyfriend of 4 years, it just kind of clicked. Everything was natural and I felt I could be exactly who I wanted to be around him (which is a big deal since I'm very introverted).

    However, I imagine you want a more specific answer, right? Before my current boyfriend, I wasn't really interested in anyone because I am very picky. I think the traits that really drew me to Ryan were the following (in order of importance): 1) realness/honesty 2) smart & witty yet humble 3) loyalty and kindness 4) confidence 5) positive and unique mindset

    Ultimately, I think that most girls just want a boyfriend that can be one of her best friends. Hope this helps :)


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