Is she promiscuous?

if all she ever talks about is sex and she only has boy friends. She goes out one on one with a lot of them and with she kisses all her friends on the lips.

What if she just happens to be close friends and comfortable with these guys?


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  • If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and makes out with other ducks... it doesn't exactly make it a goose.

    Looks like she is promiscuous. If she isn't, then she's an attention-whore. I have friends like her, it doesn't bother me until she starts screwing around with the guys in our group- who usually won't bite because they see her for what she is.

    Girls like that either have a lot of baggage or they need a lot of validation. Plus, who'd want to be involved with that? If you start going out with her, would you be okay with her going on one-on-one's with these guys and kissing them?

    Trust me, this one is looking for trouble.


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  • All I can think to say is that if you're not comfortable with the way she is, then maybe you should consider moving on. She'll be who she is, and I've got props to her for that.

  • That's a bit much, even I'd consider that excessive.

    • Update: Still excessive.

    • Idk. I believe her that they are just her friends, but I can't help think that maybe there is something more. She has two close friends who are high class call girls.

    • It doesn't matter, she's gone beyond teasing. She's very promiscuous certainly.

  • "everybody ride her, just like a bus route"