Will you date someone even if you found out?

That the guy was super hairy bodied? Thick dark black carpet covering his whole body.


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  • Umm why not get some hair clippers and just trim that shit every week? And I guess not since I've yet to see a girl like that.

    • I was gonna say the same thing. A hundred dollar pair of clippers and five minutes a week solves this issue.

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    • @DodgersGM hahahahahh tell my #Waifus that "your #Hubby needs his ass beat for his crimes against the GAG community" for me LOL @Charismatic110 I've done it again

    • Lol hey, it comes with the territory!

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  • looks rnt everything... even the personality matters... to me at least more than looks the personality matters... n someone should love u for who u r n not anyone else bcoz that would be a contract not love... plus when u become old its not like ull remain hot so maybe if ur relationship lasts do u think that that person will still be wit u when u age... hope i helped

    • But looking like a gorilla furry isn't even appealing a bit, can you even look at such a man shirtless forget touching, kissing and getting intimate with a man growing gorilla fur.

  • If I don't find him physically attractive because of that, then no, I wouldn't date him.

  • No, because I think that's kind of nasty. I know it's natural, but to me that person would just look like a cavemen and I would not be attracted to them

  • Are you still beating yourself up over this? :(

    • Yaaaaaaa , how do you know?
      Everytime I showe I hate my fur.

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    • Wtf what kind of guy told you are ugly? Who? Weirdo guy.
      I find you beautiful, not kidding.
      Even I am single and always been single. Always a virgin.
      Let's be friends?

    • Okay bye no issues.

  • I would tell him to wax it regularly


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