Ladies how would you react if a guy uses this sort of pick up line on you?

referring to your father as a true "artist" for creating such a beautiful masterpiece (you)

I remember a guy once use this on my female cousin. she was looking for my uncle (her dad) at the supermarket that he usually goes to so everybody that works there knows him. so as she walks in she asked one of the clerks who had thought she was hot. and this is how the conversation goes...

my cousin= hey have you seen my dad anywhere?

clerk= who the painter?

my cousin= what painter?

clerk= the painter who painted such a magnificent and gorgeous masterpiece exactly 9 months before you were born

cousin= oh please shut it already, have you seen him?

clerk= yes i saw him go down (whatever aisle) couple of seconds ago

so as you can see my cousin wasn't all that flatter. but this may be because she is already married and not interested in others hitting on her. but later on she admitted that the pick up line was clever and funny. but i was thinking of using that pick up line one of these days one the next girl i meet when i'm drunk out of my mind.

but till then i just want to hear what you think it sounds like
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