Is something wrong?

So my boyfriend and I have been together a few weeks, and he spent the night the other day and when he was here everything seemed fine. We were laughing having fun, cuddling watching movies. Talking about what we were going to dress as for next Halloween and then we started talking about other future things. Then we went to sleep and normally when he is here I fall right to sleep but something felt off. I mean we cuddled for a little then he just turned over. He turned his phone off which he does from time to time when he is with me. While he was sleeping I thought I'd be cute and take his phone and take a few pics and post them to his Instagram, then I went back to sleep. We got up cause I had class today and he just felt very distant and off. I asked him if everything was ok he said yeah nothing was wrong. Then he normally texts me through the day he barely talked to me at all. He read and ignored a lot of my messages and when we did talk it was like I was bothering him. I got a lot of one word answers. And at first when we talked it kinda seemed like he had a problem with me posting pics on his Instagram but he said it's no problem. Maybe I'm reading to much into this but I really don't like this off feeling in getting. We haven't been dating long so I'm afraid that he changed his mind about how he feels. I voiced my concern the other day before he left and he kept telling me everything is fine but im
still worried :/


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  • dw everything should be fine take seat and have a talk with him


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  • Maybe he is just a little upset that you used his phone while he was asleep. He hasn't known you that long, so may think you've been snooping in his phone. 😊


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