Time to bring up being exclusive?

First I just want to thank everyone in advance, I don't have a lot of relationship experience.

So I've been seeing this girl for about 1.5 months (once a week), we live an hour apart and have conflicting schedules so meet up every weekend. This weekend will mark our 7th date, dates typically last around 6-7 hours. We've done everything besides going all the way (she's a virgin at 23), but she did mention that she thinks she will be ready soon.

On date 5 she was originally supposed to sleep over and agreed to it excitedly, but called a few days later to back out of the sleeping over part saying that she was afraid of getting attached too quickly since she did in her last relationship and got burned because of it. She also wants to make sure I truly like her first, she still came over though. She has agreed to a definite sleep over this weekend, and brought up that she wants to see me more. We are also exchanging small Christmas gifts.

We met online and I've noticed that she logs on fairly frequently. I've stopped logging in though. I hold out hope that she has a pen pal on there or just likes answering the questions. This and the taking it slow thing from before have me wondering...

Should I wait a bit longer or ask the question? I will be leaving to go back to my hometown for about 2 weeks for Christmas so feel this may be a good time. If I do ask should I bring up just exclusivity or being boyfriend/girlfriend too? Or I could wait for her to ask me? I know a lot of girls will... but some wait for the guy. I would appreaciate any help, thank you!


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  • Buy her something nice


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