Girls, She says we're moving too fast and not wanting to get to serious?

This girl sought me out first off, we had dinner and I suggested something fun afterwards which was Christmas shopping for my nephews. It was maybe the best first date experience I've had, and we talked in the car for about 2 hours after. Just made out a little bit and things got a little playful. Nothing crazy, pretty pg13. So the next time we hung out she wanted to come over, which things escalated but pretty much kept it pg13 again. She knew I was turned on big time though and she was as well. I felt how wet she was. I know she got bamboozled by a guy in the past and is hesitant. I kept it cool and she went home, nuff said. We've communicated pretty heavily and I've been pretty sweet on her. Even brought her leftovers of one of my specialties. I told her I got her a couple things for Christmas. They're small and she has to work so she'll be around for the holidays. I think nobody should spend Christmas alone, and we made plans to get together. Then last night she basically tells me she thinks it's moving too fast and she doesn't think it's wise to get serious bc she's moving home soon and somebody is likely to get hurt. Basically not a good time to get serious. It's early and I know that. I wasn't taking it that serious but I also like her, she she knows it, I know she likes me, but I'm not sure who she's worried about getting hurt? I'm also not sure if I should just chalk it up as a loss and move on? I told her to let me know when she gets back after the weekend for her family's Christmas if she wants to get together next week. Originally we planned on getting together Christmas eve to watch Christmas movies. How should I handle this? No contact, limited contact? I would like to at least not lose her as a friend. We click. I'm also not sure if she really knows what she wants? She's been blowing me up for the last few weeks texts and snap chats and then lays this on me. Help!


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  • if she told you (or you learnt somehow) that she got heavily let down by someone in the recent past, I'd assume it's pretty normal for her to feel very cautious here and hesitant. when she mention 'somebody who's likely to get hurt' she might well be referring to herself - I've done this myself when I felt attraction for someone but I knew I had to move far away and we all know how it usually works, 'out of sight, out of mind'. we get scared of that shit once we've been there already at least once. if you care about her, just give it some time and see what happens, just show you're there and if she decides to open up and trust you then fine, otherwise she might not be that interested after all - but it's too early to tell.


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