Are guys that go to private college more inexperienced than guys who go to normal public universities, or elsewhere?

im just wondering.. Since a lot of guys that go to my private school are nerdy and big into their studies... It's as if some don't know how to act around a girl but maybe that's everywhere I don't know.
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What Guys Said 2

  • You are in PRIVATE school... them things cost... people that are all about studies tend to do that. You probably are all about it... unless you got stuffed in one by parents (which i did)...
    They aren't necessarily less experienced, its just that, that particular area is not the focus at the moment.

  • ahhh i''m sick of sluts and their desired experience... your daddy pays your college to make you a useful member of society not for experiencing all kinds, shapes and colours of cocks... . college are there for knowledge, so what kids should do there? study... .

    • "act around a girl".. . is that even a thing? a girl is just another fucking human. we should act like we act all the time, with our genuine self. is that not desired by them? no fuck given... .

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think it plays an important factor in regards to it.


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