I am 20 and today I will go out with someone. It will be my first date ever. I am very nervous I don't know how I can make him happy what should I do?


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  • You might want to relax first... oh and Happy Birthday.
    Dates are really nothing if you have been through a lot of em. Matter of fact, i hate the damn thing. So many expectations.
    just pretend you are hanging out with your good friend, be free, be loose, be honest. Thats a technique that got me a whole bunch of second "dates"... maybe it will work for you too.
    If you "try" to "make him happy" he will realize that you are being fake... guys know... we just don't say it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Dress clean not showy be yourself a bit more elegant than when u r at home alone lol and dont have sex with him :) think about making yourself happy first in that date if u r happy he will be happy too ^^ good luck to u


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