She texted after 2 weeks of silence!

1st date: She sent strong signals and I asked if she wanted a cup of coffee.

2nd date: SHE kissed ME (her first kiss btw)

3rd date: She said "we're moving too fast" and I'm fine with that.

next day:

sent text to her -"when or if you feel like watching a movie, call me, I know a movie you'd love :)" No reply

last weekend:

I sent a message on Facebook -"I thought it was a little rude not to reply :-/ Anyway, I won't bother you if you don't want to."

Today, two weeks after our third date, she sent a text:

"hey what's up?" and I text back 10 minutes later "I'm currently walking home from a friend's house. How are you?"

This was 5 hours ago and no reply. GAAAAH! I'm gonna call her tomorrow and ask her, but anyone here know why she would be doing this? She makes me so confused!

PS. She doesn't drink, so it wasn't a drunk thingy.


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  • She's playing hard to get.

    If you're not into it, just tell her.

    And if she gets bent out of shape, stop talking to her.