How to know if a Japanese metalhead love you?

I've known him for 7 months. We have been working for the same company (but different divisions). He's a slim fit Japanese who is tidy, calm, gentle and of course hard working. I had a crush from him form the first day he went to the office. After 3 months, I sent him a message and asked him out for some cocktails. He was sick and said sorry but decided to invited me on a dinner. I enjoy being with him more and more. We meet once a week or every 2 weeks. As he's a manager and his business is new so he's super busy. However, he still replied my viber messages even though I have been always the one who asked first... Some of the signs made me think he has a crush on me too: - he downloaded viber to chat with me because he never used it before. - he invites me to a concert that his friend is the organizer - he has always paid for all the dining we had - I bought him a small portable battery for his phone and he has alwyas had it with him - he shares with me secrects like how he would love to die,... - i told him by letter that i love him and even though he never responded, he would still hang out with me and chat with me when he can

- I have caught him looking at me at work from behind many times As a girl, these feelings are normal. But I really appreciate if guys can have comments and advice :)
My crush somehow is not the type of man who is family oriented just like many other Asian guys. He's just turned 30 days ago. As his business is growing fast, he's getting busier and busier as well as more tiring so we rarely chat or talk or have dinner like the first dates.

I am not sure if he's been gentle and polite or he's really into me at least.


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  • For sure he's into you. He's conservative with relationships. He needs to know you longer before any commitment.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) He's just so unpredictable. He once told me he only wants to stay focused on his career. One of my best friends told me he's into me but his feelings are not strong enough to turn it into real love.

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