She comes upto me in lunch break for 5 mins, is she interested?

She comes upto me for 5 mins and sits with me and asks me how r u and then we talk about mobile apps and features etc... and then she leaves and then we dont talk at all.
Somedays we sit together for entire day... and then we talk... she laughs, smiles and flirts too.
Since we meet once a week, when we dont sit together, wouldn't she be spending more time with me in the breaks , more than 5 mins?
And there is one dude in class, infront of him she completely ignores me... she doesn't even sit with me for even 5 mins in front of him...
  • She likes that guy and did not want him to think that there is anything between me and her.
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  • She is really interested and i should chase her.
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