Am I getting irrationally bored with my boyfriend?

So he goes to a different school 5 mins away so we only get to see eachother 4 times a week about. Straight thoughout the weekend. He's a super big gamer which I find is cute. BUT I feel like when we do get to see each other all we do is watch movies and have sex. Don't get me wrong i love staying in and getting intimate with him and cuddling. but if that's all we do, I feel like in the future I'll get bored of it. I'm not bored in the moment, he makes me incredibly happy and he's super fun to tlak and laugh with and joke with. but when i'm not with him all I do is think of everything bad about him. so it makes me think i'm just overthinking things and being overly cautious. And he does make me super happy that's it. I'm just afraid I'll get bored, so I might as well break it off now? Right? And we haven't even gone on a date yet! albeit were in college so it's a little hard, but I've expressed my want for a date and he said yeah hed like that and we can do whatever I want. but it still hasn't happen. also we've only beend dating a month so I couldddd just be overreacting overthinking everything. which is why I want to know if I'm being crazy irrational right now


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  • Seems like he's just scared to make the first move in asking you to an actual date. If you're really insistent, you could always make that move yourself and get the ball rolling.


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