How Do I Stop the Anxiety?

I was talking to this guy for three months. He texted me almost every evening since September. We had a big debate about religion 10 days ago and he hasn't txted me since. I texted him twice since and apologized. He seemed fine and happy to talk, but he won't text me first now. I am full of anxiety. I feel like it's all my fault and he doesn't like me anymore. I don't know what to do :( I started to really fall for him the weeks leading up. He had been much kinder to me than usual when we went out on dates and when we talked.


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  • Well you could meet up again and clear things out in person.

    • How do I get him to do so? So you're saying I should just tell him how I feel?

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    • Good luck, dudette :)

    • lol thanks dude!

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