No money , I can't find a girl?

Simply put iam poor , someth ing that was less true years ago but now at the age of 21 iam calssified as poor by most standards , i live at home and have some savings that are going towards college ( i need more money anyway ) and i have no time for another job atm, my dad barely makes enough money ( barley as in we have no money left usually halfway through the month ) looking at everyone around me and the life standard where i live ( first world ) its easy to see that we're very poor compared to almost everyone , i realize that some say others at other countries live much worse than you , but its all realtive really, realtively speaking my quality of life is much less than most people where i live and we can't afford to spend money on anything ( even food lately ) ... all this situation got me thinking , i truly want a good girl but i really dont have the motivation to go after any girl ( even if just for a hookup... girls here dont do that anyway ) i just have nothing to offer but me ( looks wise i get told by different women that iam good looking and have a good personality , smart... etc ) i have nothing else going for me , at least not in the next 5 years , ican afford to hang out, i can't afford to go to resturants , i can't even afford spending some money on a girl unless there is a 100% chance of a realtionship... this is the perfect time for all this but i have nothing and i can do nothing about it... i undersand that you can't really help me , but i was just hoping to see your opinions on all this.


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  • Don't get discouraged by your lack of money. Many people will tell you that the good girls won't be after money, they'll be after a good guy that treats them well, and you'll think it's bullshit. Well, it's not. Unless you're surrounded by shallow girls.

    All my life I got hit on by handsome, wealthy guys and I always ended up with the broke ass ones :) I go for the guy that attract me, simple as that.

  • o one should be loving you based on what you can give them or by how much money you have you see that's the great thing about real love you love them because your heart says so no matter if they don't have much, i would say to you instead of focusing so much on girls focus more on you train up in something if you can that you like get qualifies and build/learn a trade work on you actually you are the most important thing right now not any girl, girls will always be there for you, but it's about taking little steps to create bigger ones just to improve yourself for you and better your chances for you not for any girls to like you, find something you really like and have an interest in and build on that your motivation will come naturally, good luck never give up keep trying, it's when you give up that you have lost so don't!

  • Well you are still young, no worries.

    • i am young that is true , but it means i won't get the experience needed to navigate through life because during the time i was supposed to get it i was too poor to.

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    • i have one and ahalf realtionship under my belt and friendship with others but its not enough

    • I don't think there is a specific "quota" to meet by a certain age.

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