She texts me saying she is very drunk and the next text message says sorry. what does this mean?

We have been going out and knowing each other better. However, she still cannot get over her ex boyfriend and she says she needs more time

Then, at about 12.30 am, she text me saying she is very drunk (i know that she is going out with her friends) and the next text message says sorry. I asked her what happened and if she is okay but there is no reply.

What does this mean? Is she drinking with the ex bf? Or she is sorry that she cannot accept me?

This simple word "Sorry" is really mind fuking me.

Any insights/ pointers/ comments will be much appreciated.


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  • Maybe she didn't mean to text you. Or maybe she didn't mean to bother you with her problems. You can ask her now--it's not like random strangers are going to be able to tell you what she was doing when we're not her.


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