Why does he hate me so much?

this guy thinks i cheated on him because i once said im going to hangout with another guy (as FRIENDS) and he quickly thought i was a whore, he never claimed he didn't wanted to be my girlfriend, and he put all kind hickeys on my body to claim me, even tho he didn't wanted to commit, he then after a few months i contacted him and he literally rejected me HARSHLY he called me a whore, a slut, (im still a virgin at 23 by the way, aka MORALS), just because i almost slept with him doesn't mean i would sleep with someone else, i LIKED him, he said ''you almost made it but you were weak'' have a nice life'' and i have a feeling deep down he knows im a virgin and he thinks he doesn't deserve me. He honestly thought i was the most beautiful girl he has ever had, but now he is dating this ok looking girl, she is not ugly but she isn't beautiful and he decides to settle for her... why?


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