Would you lie about the person you are dating by saying "I am only using him/her for the sex"?

I am asking because this one coworker of mine is dating a girl who is very promiscuous and is considered to be a piece of trash by many. When one person I know asked him if he's truly dating this girl, this guy replied saying "he's mainly using her for the sex, which we've done like 10 times."
My question is whether he would defend her by saying, "Yes I'm legitmately dating her and she's actually not bad a person" if he was dating her for the right reasons? What do you think? Is this guy likely lying or not?


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  • Dudebro culture is strong. Who knows. Soubds like a douche


What Guys Said 1

  • No, that's what jerks do, I wouldn't of dated said promiscuous chick in the 1st place, but if I was I would say I truly am dating her, the reason y I wouldn't date said promiscuouse chick is cuz slutty clothes make you less attractive


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