Should I get my friend's mother's help in asking her out?

I am actually really good friends with her mother as well, and I would absolutely look to her for advice if it were anyone other than her daughter I was asking out, but I feel like looking for her assistance this time might not be the best idea. Anyway I'd like any advice on the matter.


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  • A very risky thing to do. There's a small chance that it might come off as cute and considerate but then again you are more likely to be seen as... well... cowardly or something for the sort. I'd suggest not to, dude.

    • That's the main reason I'm hesitant to seek her advice. She is the person I usually go to for advice about women (my own mother is nearly useless in this matter, I love her, but she is not helpful) but because it's her daughter I worry that it'd be seen differently.

    • Yea I think you have to pass on her advice this time. Unless you can come up with a way how to perhaps get it out of her without directly referencing her daughter.

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