I don't know what's wrong... Are we even dating? Am I way off base?

My best guy friend and I admitted we liked each other. I have been in relationships before, but he has not. We are both 18 and he has not even kissed someone. He wanted to take it slow for that reason. I was happy too, but this is ridiculous. We have held hands once, and that was two days ago and he just randomly grabbed my hand for a bit. Other than that nothing has really happened and it's been two months. I still feel like we are just friends. I'm not even sure if he considers us boyfriend and girlfriend, but he has said that we are to other people. I know he's nervous, but I don't know what to do. I'm quite shy myself. Breaking it off would be awkward because we are in the same group of friends, but continuing like this is torture. I know he wants to because we've talking about kissing. Plus, I am scared he'll judge me. I like to be intimate (kissing, hugging, cuddling) and he's just not that type of person. I know he doesn't know how to express his feelings because his dad never does, but it's just weird that I can't do that with someone I like. Is he even interested? I've tried to see where we were at and he said we wanted to get serious but NOTHING IS CHANGING AND ITS BEEN MONTHS. Id rather know now if he is serious. Please help


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  • Another option is that you iniciate the kiss, since he seems to be having a really hard time iniciating.


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