If he doesn't say it back?

I was dating someone for 6 months we were like best friends, couldn't keep us apart.. He was obsessed with my smell.. Kissed me on my shoulders and random stuff like that, and would look at me and just smile... Things went bad, but I had fallen in love with this guy.. But all we did after I called it off was argue.. He seemed bitter, but I had always loved him.. And that's what scared me, but he never said it back? I'm not saying I was in love with him.. I only said I started falling for him and all he did was look down as thing got intense.. Would he have taken the opportunity to tell me he had to? If he did love me? Or not?
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  • He's uncertain of his feelings or he thinks it's too soon or he has a hard time expressing his feelings.


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  • Some guys don't deal with intense situations well at all. While he may in fact have had feelings for you some guys find it very hard to express it. Even some extroverts lock down at times


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